Executive Services Panama, S.A.

Executive Services Panama, S.A. (ESP) High Risk Security Division is approved by the Panama Ministry of Tourism to provide a range of products and services in Panama capable of dealing with any high risk situations.  The principle of the company along with all company personnel have extensive operational experience in the protection of high profile persons and high-risk assets.

Our specialists are hand chosen for each specific security & protection task. They are all former trained, qualified and experienced personnel with backgrounds ranging from Presidential Protection Units, VIP Protection Units, Diplomatic Protection, Celebrity Protection, Corporate and Specialized / Special Units or Forces.

Our operatives are trained in first aid, customer service, personal security, perimeter security, defensive and offensive driving, personal defense, defense of groups, P.S.T. personal security training procedures and tactics, small arms, long arms and logistics in general.

All agents are fluent in both written and spoken English and Spanish. ESP is able to accommodate specific language skills if you provide adequate notice.

Our luxury vehicles include Range Rovers and Land Rovers to provide the highest quality of comfort and space to our clients.

The appearance and behavior of our skilled drivers and security operatives is of prime importance to us. Our operatives are all well presented and  appropriately dressed to suit the business or activities of the day.

Our operatives are efficient, courteous, diligent and act with integrity in all that they do and all operatives are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

ESP always has the clients’ best interests at hand to ensure you have peace of mind during your travels in Panama and is fully committed to offering only the highest standards in service to our clients.

We are available to discuss your  requirements 24 hours a day so please feel free to contact us.

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ESP’s Code of Conduct:

  • We behave in a legal, moral and ethical manner in the way we conduct business.
  • We exercise honesty, integrity and due diligence in all of our tasks and responsibilities.
  • We comply with all national laws and regulations, all local laws and respect the customs of the country in which we operate.
  • We will only work for governments and clients who comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.
  • We safeguard government and client confidentiality and will not compromise the trust placed in us.
  • We do not accept or offer any improper gifts, favors or services.
  • We do not engage in discrimination of any kind involving origin, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.